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  R. Chavarriaga, H. Sagha, A. Calatroni, S. Digumarti, J. Millán, D. Roggen, and G. Tröster. The Opportunity challenge: A benchmark database for on-body sensor-based activity recognition. Accepted in Pattern Recognition Letters, 2013.
  D. Roggen, G. Tröster, P. Lukowicz, A. Ferscha, J. Millán, and R. Chavarriaga. Opportunistic Human Activity and Context Recognition. IEEE Computer Magazine, 46(2), 2013.


  P. Zappi, D. Roggen, E. Farella, G. Tröster, and L. Benini. Network-level power-performance trade-off in wearable activity recognition: a dynamic sensor selection approach. ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, 11(3), 2012.


  Marc Kurz, Gerold Hölzl, Alois Ferscha, Alberto Calatroni, Daniel Roggen, Gerhard Tröster, Hesam Sagha, Ricardo Chavarriaga, José del R. Millán, David Bannach, Kai Kunze, and Paul Lukowicz. The OPPORTUNITY Framework and Data Processing Ecosystem for Opportunistic Activity and Context Recognition. International Journal of Sensors, Wireless Communications and Control, Special Issue on Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications, to appear, December 2011.
  Andreas Bulling, Daniel Roggen, and Gerhard Tröster. What's in the eyes for context-awareness? IEEE Pervasive Computing, 10(2):48-57, 2011.
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  D. Roggen, C. Lombriser, M. Rossi, and G. Tröster. Titan: An Enabling Framework for Activity-Aware ``PervasiveApps'' in Opportunistic Personal Area Networks. EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2011.
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  D. Roggen, S. Magnenat, M. Waibel, and G. Tröster. Wearable Computing: Designing and Sharing Activity-Recognition Systems Across Platforms. IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, 18(2):83-95, 2011.
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  D. Roggen, M. Wirz, G. Tröster, and D. Helbing. Recognition of crowd behavior from mobile sensors with pattern analysis and graph clustering methods. Networks and Heterogeneous Media, 6(3):521-544, 2011.
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  D. Roggen, A. Calatroni, K. Förster, G. Tröster, P. Lukowicz, D. Bannach, A. Ferscha, M. Kurz, G. Hölzl, H. Sagha, H. Bayati, J. del R. Millán, and R. Chavarriaga. Activity Recognition in Opportunistic Sensor Environments. Procedia Computer Science, 7:173-174, 2011.


  M. Bächlin, M. Plotnik, D. Roggen, I. Maidan, J. M. Hausdorff, N. Giladi, and G. Tröster. Wearable Assistant for Parkinson's Disease Patients With the Freezing of Gait Symptom. IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, 14(2):436-446, 2010.
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  M. Bächlin, M. Plotnik, D. Roggen, N. Giladi, J. M. Hausdorff, , and G. Tröster. A Wearable System to Assist Walking of Parkinson's Disease Patients. Methods of Information in Medicine, 49(1):88-95, 2010.
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  P. Lukowicz, O. Amft, D. Roggen, and J. Cheng. On-Body Sensing: From Gesture-Based Input to Activity-Driven Interaction. IEEE Computer, 43(10):92-96, 2010.
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  Andreas Bulling, Daniel Roggen, and Gerhard Tröster. Wearable EOG goggles: Seamless sensing and context-awareness in everyday environments. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (JAISE), 1(2):157-171, May 2009.
  M. Appert, H. Harms, R. Müller, D. Roggen, K. Brütsch, G. Tröster, and A. Meyer-Heim. Detection of posture in children by an electronic garment - a pilot study. Swiss Medical Weekly - The European Journal of Medical Sciences, 139:22, 2009.
  H. Harms, O. Amft, D. Roggen, and G. Tröster. Rapid prototyping of smart garments for activity-aware applications. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, 1(2):87-101, 2009.
  C. Lombriser, R. Marin-Perianu, D. Roggen, P. Havinga, and G. Tröster. Modeling Service-oriented Context Processing in Dynamic Body Area Networks. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 27(1):49-57, 2009.
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  J. Schumm, M. Bächlin, C. Setz, B. Arnrich, D. Roggen, and G. Tröster. Effect of movements on the electrodermal response after a startle event. Methods of Information in Medicine, 47(3):186-191, 2008.
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  T. Stiefmeier, D. Roggen, G. Ogris, P. Lukowicz, and G. Tröster. Wearable Activity Tracking in Car Manufacturing. IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine, 7(2):42-50, April-June 2008.
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  D. Roggen, D. Federici, and D. Floreano. Evolutionary Morphogenesis for Multi-Cellular Systems. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, 8(1):61-96, 2007.


  D. Floreano, F. Mondada, A. Perez-Uribe, and D. Roggen. Machine Self-Evolution. YLEM journal, 24(12):4-10, 2004.
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